Important lessons for sound recording.

  • Make yourself heard.  People easily get annoyed when they are “waiting for sound” or have to sit still for wild track recording. That is why it is important to make yourself heard. From the beginning! If you are clear and demand 2 minutes of silence at each location, people will see that you take your role seriously and get used to it. As soon as you stop to care and decide to do it at another point, you won’t be getting any more silence or extra time.
  • … So insist on time for wild-track recording! It can mean the difference between good and bad sound in the post production.
  • Do extra line readings Try and keep notes of lines you did not quite manage to get right and do some ADR when there is some time for it. Especially with a project like this, getting a clear recording of the lines is vital. I wish there would have been more time for that on this shoot.
  • Record the sounds you don’t want to hear
    If there is a continous background noise such as the cooling of the Ronin, record them seperately so the sound designer has a chance of x-ing them out in post.
    If you can get rid of them prior to shooting, do it. For example if there is a fridge in the room, just turn it off whilst recording.
  • Bring Tape and batteries You will always need Gaffer tape. Camera tape for color coding is also a great item to have around. And you can never have enough batteries. (Due to my set up, I burned through 30 AA batteries.)
  • Get pally with the actors You will end up getting quite close to the actors on set, and maybe a bit awkward when placing a microphone under their T-shirt or adjusting the receiver in the back-pocket or belt. So it helps to build up a relaxed relationship with them, making sure they are comfortable with what you are doing.
Important lessons for sound recording.

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