Keep organized.

it is key to always know what you have, where you have it and where it goes back to. Especially when you borrow items from people and museums, who gave you those items out of good will. But you also need a database that tells you what you have access to. I had no idea what the interior of the location looked like up until a few days before the shoot, so i tried to source as many pieces of furniture and props as I could, kept them in a database and new exactly what i could put where as soon as I got the chance to peak into the cottage.

I organized my props by taking photos of everything, naming the pictures and organizing them in folders named after the place where they belong.
org 1

Inside those folders, there would be organized according to the type of item. org 2

I would take a picture with all the items from one place gathered together as reference when returning them.
Also, each physical  item would have a different colored sticker on the bottom to indicate where it came from. For example a blue sticker with an “A” on it indicates that the item belongs to Achaderry estate. This limits confusion and stress when packing in in a hurry.

Keep organized.

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